The Magnum Expression Award



Expression Award

How do I submit my images to the award program for Jury review?
By clicking on the "Submit your work" link, you will be taken to a registration page from Magnum and Photoshelter where you will find a platform for submitting your images. By clicking the 'Upload' buttons you will be able to select a maximum of 9 images as well as a text file containing your Bio and Artist Statement which can be found on the Photoshelter page.

How should I name my images and my Bio and Artist Statement?
Entry images must be numbered in the order that you wish them to be presented, with the name of the entrant coming first in the file name, followed by the first letter of the entrant’s first name, followed by the image number (e.g. For an entrant named John Smith, the files would be named as follows – SmithJ01, SmithJ02, SmithJ03... SmithJbio etc.). For the Bio and Artist Statement document, please name it using the same system as your images, as per the example. Please do not use any spacing in the file names.

How do I submit my Bio and Artist Statement to the award program for Jury review?
You should also download the form for providing your Bio, Artist Statement, and reference links. Once you have completed the form, upload it to your image gallery and then submit the entire gallery to the award program. The form can be downloaded from the PhotoShelter page. Please also carefully name this file as described in the section above.

Does my project have to be finished or can it be an ongoing body of work?
Both completed and ongoing projects will be evaluated in the same way, with no preference to one or the other. We encourage you to select a body of work that you feel strongly about and that you feel demonstrates a singular and unique visual presentation.

Are there any costs to participate in the award program?
No, all photographers world-wide are encouraged to participate and there is no cost for participating in the award program. Employees of Magnum, HP, PhotoShelter, and Blurb.com are not eligible for participation in the award.

What are the judges looking for in choosing a winner?
Entries will be evaluated on an essay's demonstrated visual and conceptual depth and commitment. Entries which exhibit consideration for the subject matter and visual presentation will stand out and garner the judges' merit.

Can I submit more than one essay to the program?
No, please create one essay that you feel best demonstrates your message through photography and is well aligned to this year's theme.

Is there someone I can contact for evaluation or consultation of my submission?
We encourage you to gather insight from respected colleagues and peers. For fairness to all participants, we will not engage in preliminary reviews with participants. Once the finalists are selected by the jury, those essays will be presented on the Expression web site for public review and community voting of favorite essays.

Will there be a "People's Choice" award?
The judges want to know the public's opinion of the finalists' essays and will take their vote into consideration when reviewing the finalists.

Should the pictures be from a specific period of time?
There is no time frame imposed on when the images were created. They can be old or recent.

Is teamwork or collaborative work allowed?
Teamwork and collaborative work are absolutely allowed, please share your work with us on the submission website.

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