The Magnum Expression Award



Expression Award

Magnum & HP

In 2005, Magnum Photos entered a unique Printing and Technology relationship with Hewlett Packard. This creative alliance was the outgrowth of previous collaborative efforts between Magnum and HP, and once established, allowed Magnum photographers to benefit from HP printers and technology while providing HP with invaluable feedback from the field. This evolving dialogue gives Magnum photographers greater autonomy by providing them with new archival ink technology and machines unparalleled for their color consistency, saturation, and density.In turn, photographers' studio work informs new HP developments whose scope extends far beyond the print. As we approach the next phase of our partnership in 2009, we have an eye to the future possibilities afforded by HP's technical innovations. The Indigo Digital Press targets smaller, more efficient runs of limited edition publications, while Scitex technology offers wide-format printing for large-scale, site-specific installations. Through these innovations, our photographers are able to redefine standards for their workprints, proofs, collectors' prints and exhibition designs. Furthermore, they are able to communicate these new visions through Magnum's own multimedia and educational initiatives, which include Magnum In Motion and a series of intensive, practice-oriented workshops led by our photographers across the globe. For more information www.hp.com/go/pro-photo

PhotoShelter is the leader in online portfolio display, e-commerce and archiving tools for photographers. Photoshelter's platform will provide participants to the competition a streamlined submission process and a free Personal Archive starter account.

Blurb is a company and a community that believes passionately in the joy of books - reading them, making them, sharing them, and selling them. Blurb's generous support of the award will enable the chosen photographers to produce their work in book form and distribute the work.

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