The Magnum Expression Award



Expression Award

jonas bendiksenJonas Bendiksen began his career when he, twenty years old, arrived by boat in the Far East Russian port of Vladivostok. He spent the next years based in Russia, working on stories around the outer fringes of the former USSR, resulting in the recently published book \"Satellites\". Now based in New York, he travels extensively, often focusing on isolated enclaves and communities.

susan meiselasSusan Meiselas' first major photographic essay focused on the lives of women doing striptease at New England country fairs. In 1976 Meiselas joined Magnum Photos and has worked as a freelance photographer since then. She is best known for her coverage of the insurrection in Nicaragua and for her documentation of human rights issues in Latin America, which were published widely throughout the world.

paolo pellegrinPaolo Pellegrin, born in Rome, initially studied architecture before discovering his passion lies in photography. Known for his ability to traverse distinct subjects and themes within photography, Pellegrin maintains an artistic eye for images that are both spare and dramatic. Pellegrin became a Magnum Nominee in 2001 and has been a full Member since 2005.

alec sothAlec Soth became a Nominee of Magnum Photos in 2004 and a Member in 2008. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, he has received fellowships from the McKnight and Jerome Foundations and was the recipient of the 2003 Santa Fe Prize for Photography.

alec sothLouis Kim is the worldwide marketing director for Hewlett-Packard's Large Format Printing Division. He also is an avid photographer whose work has been exhibited and published.

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